With calving almost complete on Tullamore Farm, attention now turns to breeding for the 2021 season. There are currently 78 cows which have calved on the farm, with a further 12 remaining.

Breeding plans are currently being put in place, with the heifers due to start breeding on 22 April.


As part of the webinar, we will discuss a number of topics with farm manager Shaun Diver.

We will go through some preparations that are currently being put in place in advance of breeding, including bolusing and vaccinating.

How Shaun manages AI and getting cows in for AI will also be discussed, along with choosing different AI bulls for different cows on the farm.

We will run through some of the herd's breeding performance figures, including progress being made in the herd’s replacement index figures.

We’ll also compare using a stockbull on the farm versus AI and some of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Finally, we'll have a chat with John Heslin from MSD about vaccinations in the suckler herd and a new product that MSD has just launched to help aid heat detection and health monitoring in cattle.

If you have a question, send them to webinar@farmersjournal.ie or 086-836 6465.

For anyone who missed the first webinar on sheep, you can watch it back here.

The Tullamore Farm webinar series is supported by AXA Insurance, ESB Networks and MSD.