Instagram Inspiration

On any given week, chef Shane Smith (@chefshanesmith) could be our Instagram Inspiration. His selection of desserts have had us swooning throughout the pandemic and in the last few days alone, he has posted recipes for the most gorgeous chocolate truffle tart, raspberry cheesecake tarts and these beautiful individual pavlovas with Greek yoghurt and berries, reminding us that sunny spring days are near. He has been doing lots of work with Kerrygold and has just been announced as the new Irish brand ambassador for Kenwood Ireland which means we can look forward to lots more tasty treats.

Rural Rhymes

This poem was written and sent in by reader Ciaran Guckian.


Nature lies still, dormant

wakening from slumber.

The last thaw of the final snow,

the blackbird rising

catches his early worm.

The soft rain falling slowly

on land perished from inclement frost,

soil supple becometh.

Green shoots rise up sporadic.

Watching the earths awakening rebirth.

New born lambs

bleating faintly they cry out,

Fragile, they find their feet,

Dancing nimbly in the green lush fields.

Seeking pastures new.

Snowdrops glistening

in the hard cold freeze.

Morning dew falling from her petal.

They droop lowly

gazing at the earthly land.

Spring sun shining through my window.

A Sweet Blackbird’s song

resonates in my heart.

When spring gentle voice calls.

My sleepy soul awakens.

Money Mentor Tip

Tax relief on pensions

Did you know?

Self-employed people are entitled to the same tax relief on pension contributions as PAYE employees. Those who are self-employed have to fund their pension themselves, without employer contributions. If you run a limited company (suitable for high-rate tax payers), the company can pay into a director’s pension plan.

Tweet of the Week

Picture of the Week

Massey madness: seven-year-old James Keown from Co Fermanagh has been getting crafty of late, creating his very own tractor from clothes!

Number of the Week


The number if areas of food labelling under review by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. Have your say on our Consumer Watch page this week.

Quote of the Week

From Aisling Meehan, our agri solicitor:

In a will situation, there is generally no conversation of “someday it will be yours, trust me”. I have seen situations where, despite the best intentions of the parent, that does not always come to fruition