According to Met Éireann, low cloud and fog will gradually clear on Friday morning, leaving a dry day with sunny spells in most areas. Cloudier in the southwest through the afternoon, with some drizzle. Highest temperatures of 9°C to 12°C.

By night, Friday will be mostly cloudy, with patchy drizzle in south Leinster. Colder, with clear spells further north, with lows of 1°C to 3°C.


A cloudy day has been forecast for Saturday, with outbreaks of rain in Munster and Leinster. It will hold mostly dry in parts of the north, with best sunny spells there. Highs of 9°C to 13°C.

By night, outbreaks of rain will spread over much of the country. Drier conditions may persist further north. Lows of 7°C to 10°C.


Sunday will be another cloudy day, with outbreaks of rain and drizzle. Drier conditions will develop in some areas through the evening. Top temperatures of 11°C to 14°C.

Week ahead

Current forecasts suggest next week will be generally milder than average, but, overall, unsettled conditions with showers or longer spells of rain. Wettest conditions in the south and west.

Management notes:


Pest activity appears to be increasing, so lower establishment must be factored into seed rates from now on.


Ewe lambs will cycle at a lighter weight as the year progresses and, therefore, there is a strong risk of lambs proving in-lamb where run with male lambs, writes Darren Carty.


Providing fresh, clean drinking water is often overlooked during the housing period, yet it is just as important as feeding high-quality silage, writes Kieran Mailey.


Those on drier land are still grazing, but conditions are getting tricky, writes Aidan Brennan.

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