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Will farmers be back in Dublin?

Beef editor Adam Woods discusses the demands of farmers and how realistic it is that they’ll be achieved.

3,000 sheep sold in 30 minutes

Peter Thomas Keaveney reports from from a visit to an on-farm sheep sale in New Zealand.

Why I cannot support Mercosur deal

Frans van Dongen from the Dutch meat board tells the Irish Farmers Journal that despite being pro trade, the Mercosur deal falls short on securing EU access to the Mercosur markets.

What is digestate and how can we use it?

Stephen Robb talks to UK consultant Bryan Lewens about the use of anaerobic digestion digestate as a fertiliser.

The potential of biomethane in Ireland

Stephen Robb talks to Ian Kilgallon, innovation and business development manager at Gas Networks Ireland about the future of biomethane in Ireland.

Nitrogen rich biogas feedstocks – they key challenges

Stephen Robb talks to Dr Melanie Hecht of Schaumann BioEnergy Consult GmbH about the problems associated with using nitrogen rich feedstocks in anaerobic digestion plants.

Keeping anaerobic digester biology happy

Stephen Robb talks to Adrian Rochefort of FM BioEnergy about the importance of maintaining health and happy biology in an anaerobic digestion plant. In conversation, they discuss the main factors that much be monitored to maintain stable micro-organism populations.

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