A New Mum

Marian Kennedy is a mum of two and an entrepreneur - she owns and operates A New Mum, which specialises in post-partum products to help new mothers heal and flourish.

She has a business instagram account, but It's her personal account @marian_anewmum we find ourselves "double tapping" time and time again.

Family, farming and kids are the main feature as she takes her followers along on family adventures and the ups and downs of motherhood in rural Ireland.

Rural Rhymes- Half an autumn's morn'

I stood and watched the combined move through a field of corn, it cut and threshed that field of oats in half an autumn’s morn’; I watched the tractor move in close, the ripened grain to take, I listened - but alas, in vain to hear the corncrake. To my mind then came a vision of that field of long ago and all the work it would take, that field of oats to grow. Two horses, man, one sod plough, and the field turning brown,

off, off, come in, words you’d hear, and seagulls circling round.

then you’d start to harrow, and that would keep you fit, all day long you walked behind, as the horses chomped the bit; Manure, and then sower, and half the work was done, and you prayed for Aprils showers, followed by summer sun.

Coming across the valley, carried on a gentle breeze, the sound of the reaper and binder circling the field; As the standing corn got smaller, of the bundles there were more, they were gathered by the workmen into stooks of four, from stooks they would make stacks, that was a special skill, as a youth I learned to make them, I could make them still. Once more they’d tackle horses, this time to pull a cart, The corn was hauled to the haggard, and on the rick they’d start; and when they had it finished, sure they felt a little proud, you would see them walk around it and survey it from the ground. Soon would come the thresher and give two days threshing corn, but now; now they cut and thresh in half an autumn’s morn’.

– Written by Tom Power

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Liam and Paddy Kellegher from Ballinamuck, Co Longford checking the stock. Submitted by Grace Kellegher

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'In fairness we’re blessed with local support and the people we have in the village. They give us time, they give us money and they give us their professional expertise. Ultimately what it means is that everybody locally has a vested interest in what’s going on' – Margaret Fannon, on her local community.

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18 - Out of the 35 Olympic medals Irish athletes have won over the years, 18 have been from boxers.