Corporate concentration from farm to fork - the annual agribusiness report examines the key factors that will help Irish agribusinesses compete globally. The 2018 AgirBusiness Report focusus on tradtitional agriculture being disrupted by new technology. In shops Thursday 24th May.

Future direction of travel uncertain for CAP
Darren Carty
A renewed focus on food security may decelerate the recent shift away from CAP’s original primary objective of supporting food production to environment and climate considerations.
Realising the potential for Irish forestry
25 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
Realising the potential for Irish forestry
Although forestry has been identified as the most important land use in achieving net zero, it lacks targets and leadership to achieve realistic goals.
Using Irish land in global context
24 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
Using Irish land in global context
Irish land use will be shaped by Government policy to reduce emissions in coming years even though availability of grass and rain make Ireland perfect for livestock farming.
Long read: policy goals for Ireland's land use very ambitious
The track record of results, particularly in forestry are far from stellar.
23 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
Land use and land use strategy grand plan
The impact on rural towns and villages of such land use changes needs to be analysed.
22 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
What covers Ireland’s land surface?
The latest research shows there has been little understanding of Ireland's land use.
18 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
Irish and global agri sector faces many challenges
KPMG is, once again, delighted to partner with Irish Farmers Journal, in the publication of the Agribusiness Report 2023, writes Tom McEvoy, partner, KPMG.
16 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
Land use: a lot of policy and not a huge amount of action
Lorcan Roche Kelly says that in announcing policies and targets, there needs to be a much better understanding of where we are with land use and what the proposed land use changes will mean.
15 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
Irish Farmers Journal/KPMG agribusiness report is out this week
Don't miss this exclusive report free inside this week's paper, where we examine how legislation, regulation and innovation put pressure on farm productivity, keeping food prices high.
13 June 2023 AgriBusiness report
Grain Trends: Matif below €230/t with generally good crop reports forecast
Crop reports are generally good and, at present, supply does not look like an issue in grain markets. Prices moved down again over the last few days.
24 May 2023 Markets