Global Dairy Trade (GDT), the online trading platform for dairy commodity products, announced that Kerry Dairy Ireland is joining as a seller of skimmed milk powder (SMP) medium heat in April.

Kerry Dairy Ireland CEO Pat Murphy said that “joining GDT provides us with access to a worldwide pool of active buyers”.

The product Kerry will be selling sold at €2,359 per tonne in the most recent GDT auction.

While GDT has traditionally been dominated by New Zealand’s Fonterra, the auctions have been joined by more sellers recently.

In Europe, Arla, Belgian co-op Solarec and Germany’s BMI are already in the platform.


At the end of last year, GDT announced it would change some of its rules to entice new sellers on to the platform, saying the changes were needed to “accommodate the diverse range of new sellers expected to join GDT in the coming years”.

Global Dairy Trade’s managing director Europe Shaun McCauley said that he is delighted to see GDT events continue to expand throughout Europe.