Egg packers who supply Aldi and Lidl supermarkets have offered their egg producers a 0.8c/egg increase in price, according to IFA poultry committee vice chair Brendan Soden.

The offer comes as the IFA’s poultry committee continues its fifth day of protests outside Aldi and Lidl in Cavan town on Monday.

Egg producers have called for a 2c/egg increase on the price they receive for their eggs or 24c/ dozen. They’ve made the call following what they’ve described as months of increasing energy, feed and pullet costs.

On the 0.8c offer made by egg packers, Soden says it won’t be “entertained” as it is “only a third of what our ask is to break even”. Soden highlighted Teagasc analysis which indicates that at current prices, egg producers are facing a 23c loss per dozen eggs produced by Christmas.


Speaking from Cavan, Soden says the protesters at Aldi and Lidl have gathered a petition from almost 600 Aldi and Lidl customers, supporting their call for a 2c price increase.

“The majority of [the customers] are seriously disgusted with the discounters that they won’t give us 2c.

“We’ve had fantastic support from them and it really does your heart good,” he said.

On how long the delivery blockades at Aldi and Lidl in Cavan town might continue, Soden says they’ll be “staying put” until the retailers come forward with price increase.

“We hope that someone comes to their senses. How long do we have to stay here for 2c/egg? We’ve never stayed at a retailer for this long before but we’re reaching 100 plus hours now,” he said.

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