The Beef Plan Movement mounted two peaceful protests on Wednesday afternoon outside Mugrave's on the Tramore Road in Cork city and at Tesco’s distribution centre at Ballymun, Dublin.

Beef Plan Movement national spokesperson Dermot O’Brien told the Irish Farmers Journal that the group will be making its presence felt.

“The protests will escalate if the retailers are not going to attend the meetings. In the current climate, the Beef Plan Movement hopes the retailers will join the talks. They play an important part, farmers want respect shown and farmers double up as consumers at all retailers,” he said.

He said that the protests will be different from the factory protests and that these protests are designed to “get the attention of the retailers”.

The Beef Plan has stated that retailers must form part of stakeholder talks.\ Tommy Moyles


News of the protests come after the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed summoned the factory representative body Meat Industry Ireland (MII) to a meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

The talks are expected to centre on how the two sides in the ongoing beef crisis can return to the table for talks on a resolution.

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