Bursaries for first-year agriculture and horticulture students were launched at CAFRE Greenmount on Friday by 22 companies and organisations from across the NI agri food industry.

Each company has set out an assignment title or interview process for bursaries worth £1,000 each.

Students were split into groups at the launch event and were able to speak with all bursary providers about each competition.

Speaking at the beginning of the event, college director Martin McKendry said that the initiative was an excellent opportunity for students as they begin their studies at Greenmount.

“It is an important opportunity to engage with key people in the industry,” he told students.

IFJ bursary

The Irish Farmers Journal is providing a £1,000 bursary as part of the competition at CAFRE Greenmount.

The assignment-based competition asks students at Greenmount to write an assignment entitled “Produce a feature article on a farm, or farm related business, that you are familiar with”.

Winning students at Greenmount will be presented with prize money at an event in December.