After a quieter event in 2020 due to COVID-19, the buzz was back in Kanturk Mart for its annual fatstock show and sale and trade was on fire.

With 110 entries in the show, the trade was a major talking point afterwards and it’s easy to see why.

Prices were consistently north of €2.70/kg for the continental show cattle, with many making north of €3/kg.

The strong demand for Angus cattle in the Duhallow venue all year came across in the show too, with up to €2.55/kg available for them.

This Charolais-cross heifer born 1-11-19 weighing 840kg sold for €2,400 (€2.85/kg)

Supreme champion of the show went to well-known commercial cattle exhibitor Mervyn Busteed from Bandon.

His March 2020-born Belgian Blue heifer weighing 715kg sold for €2,800 (€3.92/kg).

Reserve Show Champion, Kanturk Fatstock sale. This Limousin-cross born 15-02-20 weighing 765kg sold for €2,500 (€3.26/kg).

Reserve champion went to an emerging name on the showing scene, Molly O’Sullivan from Kiskeam, for her 765kg Limousin bullock that made €2,500 (€3.26/kg).

In the general sale, Angus and Hereford stores were selling for between €1.80/kg and €2.20/kg.

Best Beef Bullock, Kanturk Fatstock sale.This BB-cross bullock born 7-12-18 weighing 1,075kg sold for €3,400 (€3.16/kg).

For cull cows, Friesians dominated, with up to €300 with the weight available back as far as €1/kg for the parlour cows.

After a successful year, numbers have been creeping back in recent weeks, but manager Seamus O’Keeffe said Kanturk Mart has had a massive year.

This Limousin-cross bullock born 21-03-20 weighing 600kg sold for €1,590 (€2.65/kg).

“The demand for Angus stores was unbelievable all year with Herefords closely following them. Trade was a bit tougher for Friesians, but they’re always a bit back on the beef breeds.”

Speaking about the fatstock show, he said: “In my career in the mart, it was the best show of cattle and the best prices at a fatstock in Kanturk.

This Charolais-cross bullock born 22-05-20 weighing 750kg sold for €1,980 (€2.64/kg).

“It was one of the longest too, with the sale going on until 7pm.

“It was great to have the crowd back and there was a great buzz around the place.

“We had a fantastic entry of top-class animals and congratulations are due to the exhibitors for the fine specimens of cattle on display.

This AA-cross heifer born 18-02-20 weighing 590kg sold for €1,400 (€2.37/kg).

“We had a good spread with our judges too and we’re thankful to Tom O’Callaghan from Burnfort, George Grant from Offaly and John Kelly from Roscommon for judging. They had a tough job picking from the fine cattle on display today.

“As one man said to me, the winner could have been any one of 50 cattle.”

Other lots

This Charolais-cross heifer born 5-02-20 weighing 680kg sold for €1,590 (€2.33/kg).

Champion Duhallow Butchers Heifer, Kanturk Fatstock Sale. This AA heifer born 25-04-20 weighing 540kg sold for €1,380 (€2.55/kg).

One of the Best Pen of Heifers, Kanturk Fatstock sale. This AA-cross bullock born 20-03-19 weighing 768kg sold for €1,740 (€2.26/kg).

Best Beef Cow, Kanturk Fatstock sale. This Charolais cow born 8-02-17 weighing 1045kg sold for €2,800 (€2.67/kg).

One of the Best Pen of Heifers, Kanturk Fatstock sale. This BB heifer born 30-03-20 weighing 715kg sold for €2,800 (€3.91/kg).

This Limousin-cross bullock born 30-10-19 weighing 780kg sold for €2,380 (€3.05/kg).

This Charolais-cross heifer born 23-01-20 weighing 700kg sold for €2,200 (€3.14/kg).

This Charolais-cross bullock born 26-01-20 weighing 855kg sold for €2,420 (€2.83/kg).

Supreme Show Champion, Kanturk Fatstock sale. This BB heifer born 30-03-20 weighing 715kg sold for €2,800 (€3.91/kg).