Fertiliser prices remain on an upward curve and the prospect of CAN exceeding £250/t for early March is fast becoming a reality.

Nitrogen has been rising in price since December.

Current reports put CAN at £236 to £245/t, depending on the manufacturer and quantity purchased.

CAN products with added sulphur will cost £10/t more.

However, most indications are that CAN will see further price hikes for March and April, with merchants uncertain about where nitrogen prices will eventually settle this spring.

At the outset of the year, CAN could be purchased around £200/t and by late January, it had increased to £220/t.


For farmers looking to purchase urea, many are facing difficulties in sourcing the product.

Most merchants report that urea is out of stock, with a similar scenario also seen in the Republic of Ireland. Where the product is available, prices start around the £330/t mark.


Compound fertiliser is also limited with products such as 27-4-4 and 25-5-5 trading around the £285 to £295/t mark.

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