Designed primarily as a safer way to jack up and support the rear of a tractor, particularly with its wheels off, Trakjak was designed and built by Pauric Fay from Cootehill, Co Cavan.

The Trakjak is a device that uses the lower lift arms of the tractor to jack itself off the ground. Pauric designed it principally with safety in mind but it also had to be simple and easy to use.

To work, the rear linkage is connected to a frame which runs under the rear of the tractor. When the frame is lifted via the tractors rear linkage, it essentially ‘levers’ the tractor up in the air thus allowing safe removal of one or both rear wheels.

12-tonne lifting capacity

Once raised, the tractor is securely supported on the Trakjak’s solid wheels, and can even be driven around the yard with the tractor’s rear wheels removed once the four-wheel drive system is engaged.

Trakjak is certified to a 12-tonne lifting capacity and is adaptable to nearly any tractor.

Because a tractor’s lift arm range is so broad, Pauric found that just two settings on two elements of the Trakjak were enough to cater for all tractors.

At around 350kg in weight, the Trakjak is solidly constructedand. Each Trakjak comes with its own cert to keep insurance firms happy.