As media goes, the podcast is among the very newest forms. It is the love child of radio and the internet, where audio is uploaded to the web, mostly in a show format around a particular theme. It can then be downloaded or streamed by the masses.

According to a report released by Reuters in June 2018, podcasts are more popular among news consumers in Ireland than their counterparts in Europe, the UK and the US. Of those surveyed in Ireland, 38% listened to podcasts, compared to 33% in the US, 18% in the UK and the European average being 27%.

The popularity of podcast is no surprise, seeing as there is great variety and some very interesting listening out there. So, whether you are out pounding the roads, cooking up a storm or in the tractor, we’ve got some great podcast suggestions for you.

Irish History Podcast

Despite the name, the Irish History Podcast is not just aimed at history buffs, but also those looking to learn and understand more about this country’s past in an accessible and easy to digest manner. Different topics from Ireland’s history are explored across hundreds of episodes, such as the Great Famine, the Norman Invasion and the Phoenix Park murders, with a series ranging from two to 30 episodes around each topic. The Irish History Podcast was founded by historian and author Fin Dwyer in 2010, firstly focusing on medieval history before shifting towards the Famine in 2016.

The Alison Spittle Show

Whether it is stand-up comedy, acting or an interview, Alison Spittle is always good for a few laughs and her podcast, The Alison Spittle Show is no different. This podcast is primarily Alison speaking with a different personality on each episode and its conversational tone makes for very easy listening. Alison has also recorded some live episodes, which bring a different dynamic to the show. She recently moved to London and recording from a studio there has brought fresh guests and new topics. The Alison Spittle Show is very light-hearted and not for those who take themselves too seriously.

The Blindboy Podcast

Blindboy first came to prominence as one half of the Rubberbandits, well-known for their humorous and satirical songs and sketches. At one time many would have written Blindboy off as frivolous, but he has repeatedly proven his doubters to be wrong, showing himself to be intelligent, well-spoken and deep-thinking.

His weekly podcast was first released in October 2017 and is frequently a favourite in the charts. The Blindboy Podcast is an eclectic mix of short fiction, interviews and comedy. His guests are varied, from Bernadette Devlin McAliskey to David McWilliams of late. Naturally, there is a huge helping of Blindboy’s personality in there, so you’ll either love it or hate it.

Slow Burn

For anyone interested in American affairs and looking to stimulate the brain, Slow Burn is one to note. It looks at recent political history in the US and each season focuses on a different political scandal. At present there are two seasons, the first concerns Watergate and the second Bill Clinton’s impeachment. It is presented by Leon Neyfakh, who gives a captivating and detailed account of events. Transcripts of each episode and the sources used are available.

The Brian Keane Podcast

It may seem these days that every second person on social media has a podcast, but Brian Keane, recently celebrating his 200th episode, was one of the first Irish bloggers on the trend. He is also one of the most consistent, posting every week. Brian has a keen interest in GAA and firstly became known as a fitness personality on social media, with his down-to-Earth personality and quality content setting him apart from the rest. The Brian Keane Podcast, although rooted in fitness, encompasses much more, including nutrition, health, mindset and motivation.


Motherfoclóir is a podcast presented by Darach Ó Séaghdha, which aims to show the world of the Irish language beyond the grammar homework people come to know (and resent) in school.

Regardless its subject matter, Motherfoclóir is primarily in English, with some Gaeilge and English-Irish translations thrown in. Darach’s Twitter account @theirishfor, gives Irish translations of English words, and was some of the foundation for this podcast.

Motherfoclóir features an array of Irish-speaking guests and deals with new Irish words, old Irish words and many other topics relating to Gaeilge culture

Where to tune in

There are many different websites and apps where podcasts can be accessed, and most podcasts are found on a couple of different sites. Some of the most popular are on iTunes and Spotify. A lot of podcast shows are all on a dedicated website, (ie all of the Irish History podcasts can be listened to on

The Irish Farmers Journal has a weekly podcast that can be accessed on It is uploaded on Wednesday and is available on the Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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