Top tips for calving the suckler cow
Kieran Mailey
Kieran Mailey outlines some tips for managing cows during spring calving.
26 January 2022 Calves
Dealing with bloat in young calves
Incidences of bloat in young calves appears to be on the increase. Aidan Brennan looks at some of the risk factors which were discussed at the Calf Care events.
26 January 2022 Calves
Back with the old, still in with the new in Bandon
With ringside bidding returning in earnest this week following a lift of COVID-19 restrictions, online bidders made sure to have their say in proceedings at Bandon Mart’s weekly calf sale.
Mart boards need more detail
Adam Woods talks to Paul Rigney, a Tipperary-based calf dealer about issues with the current calf trading system.
26 January 2022 News
Five top tips on keeping calves healthy this spring
Tullamore Farm vet Donal Lynch outlines five top tips on keeping newborn calves healthy this spring.
26 January 2022 News
Calf exports hold steady in difficult 2021
Seamus McMenamin from Bord Bia takes a look at calf exports over the last three years and what 2022 might hold for 2022
26 January 2022 Markets
Preparation key ahead of a busy three months
Adam Woods previews this week’s calf focus ahead of a very busy period on Irish beef and dairy farms.
26 January 2022 News
Angus calves up by 175,000 in less than 10 years
The breed usage over the past nine years has changed drastically with traditional breeds the biggest beneficiary.
19 January 2022 Calves
Calf equipment eligible for TAMS grant aid
Aidan Brennan looks at what is available under the TAMS scheme for calf-rearing equipment.
19 January 2022 Calves
Milk replacer costs soar by 20%
Aidan Brennan looks at some of the key factors when deciding on whether to feed milk replacer and what type.
19 January 2022 Calves
Dos and don’ts of calf shed design
Aidan Brennan highlights some of the things that farmers should and shouldn’t do when constructing or modifying a calf shed.
19 January 2022 Calves
Feeding calves: what are my options?
Aidan Brennan looks at the calf feeding options available for rearing calves this spring.
19 January 2022 Calves