Sheep - Grass and Management

NI Sheep Programme: Reseeding plans in Co Antrim
Kieran Mailey
Co Antrim sheep farmer Dermot McAleese is gearing up to reseed grazing and silage swards this summer.
4 May 2022 Grass & feeding
Bales from surplus grass will be harder to come by
With the level of fertiliser applied to grazing ground forecast to be down by 50% on average, it is unlikely that there will be surplus bales from grazing ground to boost supplies.
27 April 2022 Infrastructure
Using wire to grow and utilise more grass
With input costs experiencing a sharp hike in price, farmers need to make use of all options at their disposal including improving grazing infrastructure.
Sheep, beef and tillage combining to good effect in Laois
Homegrown feed is used to produce high-quality beef and lamb, while organic manures are recycled to tillage lands to optimise output and reduce the need for importing nutrients.
13 April 2022 Climate and environment
Growing an extra 2.5tDM/ha of grass through overseeding at Gurteen college
Peter Thomas Keaveney caught up with Ken Flynn, farm manager at Gurteen Agricultural College in Tipperary, to talk about the farm’s success at overseeding since 2018.
13 April 2022 Farm machinery
Nutrition during pregnancy – key to flock profitability
Dr Tim Keady, researcher based in Teagasc Athenry, outlines the latest research undertaken on late pregnancy nutrition and its influence on farm profitability.
2 March 2022 Grass & feeding
Feeding to safeguard milk yield
Getting feeding correct in late gestation and early lactation is vital to ensure ewes reach peak milk yield and potential performance is not compromised.
9 February 2022 Lambing
Reducing fertiliser and feed costs while supporting productivity
At the recent Teagasc lowland sheep conference Michael Gottstein, Teagasc, outlined strategies to insulate production systems from escalating costs without negatively affecting productivity.
2 February 2022 Grass & feeding
Preparing for another grazing season
John Crowe discusses the importance of an early spring grass walk and setting up the first couple of grazings before calving starts.
3 January 2022 Grass & feeding
A better year for the Teagasc forage crops trial
The five-year study in Mellows Campus Athenry is investigating different systems of finishing store lambs including forage crops, grazed grass and intensive finishing indoors.
22 December 2021 Grass & feeding
Drystock farmers in Grassland Farmer of the Year competition
John Crowe and Aidan Brennan profile the drystock farmers in the Grassland Farmer of the Year competition.
15 December 2021 Grass & feeding
The Grass Week: preparing for spring
Take time now to assess grazing infrastructure to get more days at grass next spring, writes John Crowe.
11 December 2021 Grass & feeding