Sheep - Grass and Management

Higher intake driving performance from companion forages
Darren Carty
A recent Teagasc trial showed lambs consuming perennial ryegrass combined with white clover, red clover or chicory consumed 11% to 14% more dry matter than a ryegrass-only sward.
16 November 2022 Footprint Farmers
Red clover silage proving its worth on Tullamore Farm
The inclusion of red clover in a mixture with perennial ryegrass and white clover can result in high yields of multi-cut silage without artificial nitrogen (N) fertiliser.
16 November 2022 Grass & feeding
Testing silage is not tick the box stuff
Adam Woods takes a look at silage quality testing and what to look out for when you get your results.
Increasing grass production by over 3t DM/ha in Roscommon
Shane Moore, drystock finalist in the 2021 Grassland Farmer of the Year Competition held a farm walk last week showcasing the changes that have transformed his farming system.
12 October 2022 Grass & feeding
Understanding the value of forage crops
The earlier tillage harvest provided more opportunities to sow forage crops, while favourable weather conditions have seen crops perform excellently.
5 October 2022 Grass & feeding
Reseeding grazing swards in Co Derry
Clement Lynch has just finished reseeding part of the grazing block on his Co Derry sheep plan.
14 September 2022 NI Sheep Programme
Top tips for reseeding to grassland swards
Reseeding around 10% of your farm annually can have major benefits in sward quality and the amount of grass you grow annually.
3 August 2022 Reseeding
Planting multispecies and red clover swards on Tullamore Farm
A multispecies sward and a red clover sward have been planted on Tullamore Farm. We will keep you up to date on progress with these sward.
13 July 2022 Footprint Farmers
Growth rates struggle to match demand
Grass growth this week has been very variable with a number of factors at play determining the level of growth.
13 July 2022 Grass & feeding
Potential to finish lambs 10 days quicker with clover swards
The ongoing research in Teagasc Athenry identified that a system with a stocking rate of 11 ewes/ha offered the best prospect, with lower levels of output balanced by reduced input costs.
1 June 2022 Grass & feeding
Testing silage ahead of harvesting on the Footprint Farms
Testing silage for nitrates and sugars ahead of harvesting can be useful, but factors like the weather and the availability of contractors will impact how these test results are used.
25 May 2022 Footprint Farmers
NI Sheep Programme: Reseeding plans in Co Antrim
Co Antrim sheep farmer Dermot McAleese is gearing up to reseed grazing and silage swards this summer.
11 May 2022 Grass & feeding