Make the most of your farm by improving and monitoring soil health and fertility

'We cannot understand logic of Department of Agriculture' - IGGG
Siobhán Walsh
The Irish Grain Growers Group has said the requirement for a grass lie-back beside a forage crop is a backwards step.
Why plant cover crops or catch crops?
19 July 2023 Crops
Why plant cover crops or catch crops?
Catch crops can be a real benefit on farms from protecting water quality to improving soil structure and organic matter, writes Siobhán Walsh.
Why do we reseed grass fields?
7 June 2023 Soil
Why do we reseed grass fields?
Farmers have been reseeding of late, but surely 'grass is grass', so why go to all the trouble and the expense? Professor of farming, Tommy Boland explains.
Bio-based fertilisers showing better P availability over long term - Teagasc
Researchers at Teagasc are currently carrying out research into bio-based fertilisers, with some interesting results.
21 April 2023 Soil
Multispecies swards can grow 14.2 tonnes DM/ha with 73kg of chemical N - Teagasc
The merits of multispecies swards and ongoing research were discussed at the Farming for Soil Health open day at Johnstown Castle last month.
14 April 2023 Soil
Chopping straw improving sustainability on Footprint farm
Andrew Mulhare has found that chopping straw has been hugely beneficial in a number of areas on his farm.
6 April 2023 Footprint Farmers
Improvements needed in P and K indices in Laois
The sun was shining and the cattle had just been let out when the Irish Farmers Journal visited Andrew Mulhare’s farm last week.
5 April 2023 Footprint Farmers
Prevention is better than a cure when it comes to compaction – Teagasc
Trafficking soils with moisture levels from 36% to 40% leads to a loss of soil structure.
4 April 2023 Soil
A healthy soil is a disease-suppressive soil - Teagasc
Some key ways in which farmers can improve their soil productivity were outlined at the Farming for Soil Health event at Johnstown Castle.
31 March 2023 Soil
Big improvements in soil pH in Ballycrenode
The soil sample results of the Footprint Farms are back, and there was good improvements in soil pH on Barry Powell’s farm in North Tipperary.
29 March 2023 Footprint Farmers
Saving money through sustaining soil fertility
With no reduction in fertiliser costs on the horizon, it is important to know how to maximise soil fertility to maintain farm profitability.
10 March 2023 Soil
Cut costs with careful slurry application
Organic fertilisers have also increased in value, with 1,000 gallons of slurry worth approximately €50 at the moment.
24 February 2023 Soil