Egg producers have received price increases for their produce, according to the owner of Annalitten Eggs in Co Monaghan, Michael O’Reilly, following a poultry producer protest which took place outside his premises last week.

O’Reilly, whose family has been in the egg packing business since 1955, said his family also produces eggs and knows the costs that are involved with it.

“We know where they are coming from but we paid them the increase the supermarket paid us. And we paid them increases all last year off our own back.

“We are incurring our own costs in the packing centre. We have over 30 people employed with us and their wages have all gone up. Energy, haulage and packaging costs have risen as well,” he said.

O’Reilly said that Annalitten Eggs always had a good relationship with its customers, some of whom have been with them for over 20 years, and that they don’t want any conflict.

“Hopefully there will be more increases coming down the line but that’s up to the retailers.

“We are giving farmers increases at the moment,” he added.


However, the IFA said that the price increase given to suppliers hasn’t been passed back to farmers.

“In a time where food security is high on the agenda, these companies are acting in a manner which will force family farms out of business, leaving shelves empty,” said IFA poultry vice-chair Brendan Soden.

He highlighted said farmers need 2c per egg and 15c per chicken to recover costs.