Uruguay - going solo with China

The Uruguayan president has announced that China is willing to discuss a free trade deal with them outside of Mercosur. The UK ambassador indicated the same earlier this year.

India - growth in wheat output

Last week’s WASDE report increased its wheat production estimate for India by 1.5 million tonnes to 109.5Mt. This would be India’s fifth consecutive record wheat crop.

Canada - increase in beef exports

USDA FAS/Ottawa are forecasting Canadian beef exports of 600,000t carcase weight equivalent in 2021, up from 513,000t in 2020.

EU - increase in pigmeat production and exports

EU and UK pigmeat production increased by 4% in the first five months of 2021, while exports increased to 2,969m tonnes carcase weight equivalent (Jan-Jun), compared with 2,550t in the same period last year.