The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and the Irish Primary Principals Network (IPPN) have joined forces to appeal for child safety on farms to be made a priority ahead of the summer holidays.

“Farm accidents have claimed the lives of 21 children in the last decade and account for 10% of all farm fatalities over the period.

“Farms remain the only workplace in Ireland where children still continue to die,” a joint statement from the organisations said.


Parents and concerned individuals can visit the HSA’s website to pick up tips and guidelines to help maintain a safe environment for children.

Business and education support manager with the HSA Joanne Harmon said teachers could also get involved.

“The HSA’s e-learning portal also hosts a short course entitled ‘Keep Safe on the Farm’ which can be found at,” she said.

“This is aimed at primary school children and comes with teachers’ guidelines and is linked to the SPHE curriculum."

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