Templemore Mart held its weekly general cattle sale last Thursday, with a good offering of cattle being sold through the ring.

The good weather in the southern half of the country looks set to continue, helping boost the confidence in the trade.

A strong demand for cattle persists in Templemore, which resulted in a 94% clearance rate at Thursday’s sale.

There was a small show of continental cattle, as Hereford, Friesian and Angus stock dominated the sale.

Dry cows

There wasn’t many well-fleshed types on display, which was reflected in the prices paid for these lots, as it was mostly Friesians that went through the ring. The average price across the board was €2.07/kg.

A Simmental-cross cow weighing 675kg sold for €1,400 (€2.07/kg), with a 742kg Friesian selling for €1,560 (€2.10/kg), while another weighing in at 655kg made €1,320 (€2.02/kg).


Young heifers between 200kg and 300kg, mainly Hereford-cross and Angus-cross types, averaged a price of €2.40/kg, with a 225kg Hereford-cross making €2.22/kg selling for €500, with better types of Herefords weighing 275kg selling for €740 (€2.69/kg).

A Limousin-cross heifer weighing 305kg sold for €770 (€2.52/kg).

Heavier types, all weighing between 425kg and 525kg, secured a better price at an average of €2.63/kg.

Once again, they were mostly Hereford- and Angus-cross types, with one Hereford-cross weighing 525kg selling for €1,370 (€2.61/kg).

A Limousin-cross heifer weighing 425kg fetched the top price of €1,190( €2.81/kg).


The sale of bullocks got the bidding going, as there was a better show of continental types, with the majority crossing €3/kg, while the lighter dairy-bred stock fell short of €2/kg for most of the sale.

All the continental cattle that fell into the 300kg to 400kg weight bracket averaged €3.25/kg.

A Belgian Blue-cross of 350kg sold for €1,130 (€3.23/kg), while the Charolais breed fetched the top prices, with one bullock weighing 312kg going under the hammer at €1,100 securing €3.52/kg.

Friesian bullocks within the same weight bracket of 300kg to 400kg averaged a price of €1.91/kg, such as a 363kg bullock selling for €710 (€1.96/kg).

In pictures

This batch of Friesian bullocks, born in October 2021 and weighing 428kg, sold for €780 (€1.82/kg).

This Limousin-cross bullock, born in July 2022 and weighing 360kg, sold for €1,100 (€3.06/kg).

This Friesian cow, born in February 2014 and weighing 655kg, sold for €1,320 (€2.02/kg).

This batch of Charolais-cross bullocks, born in August 2022 and weighing 363kg, sold for €1,060 (€2.91/kg).

This Belgian Blue-cross bullock, born in March 2022 and weighing 350kg, sold for €1,130 (€3.23/kg).

This Simmental-cross cow, born in July 2019 and weighing 675kg, sold for €1,400 (€2.07/kg).

This Hereford-cross heifer, born in May 2022 and weighing 235kg, sold for €510 (€2.17/kg).

This batch of Angus-cross heifers, born in February 2021 and weighing 572kg, sold for €1,580 (€2.76/kg).

This batch of Limousin-cross heifers, born in September 2021 and weighing 423kg, sold for €1,190 (€2.81/kg).