Incredible Edibles is a healthy-eating project for primary schools.

The aim is to educate students about growing fruits and vegetables and to encourage their knowledge of food origin and quality.

Besides learning about where our food comes from, students taking part in Incredible Edibles also pick up geography, science and maths skills.

In our Incredible Edibles Diary, we hear directly from the classroom as to what students are learning about food systems and growing vegetables.

This week, we want to congratulate the Incredible Edibles School of the Week: Ms Clifford’s first class, Our Lady of Lourdes, Co Limerick.

Ms Clifford's class learned a lot about food provenance in Task Two.

In task two of the programme, the students were busy learning about the origins of their school dinners. They took a trip to their local supermarket to trace where their food is coming from. They took lots of pictures and shared them with their parents. They learned a lot about how much food comes from Ireland and which ones have the Bord Bia quality mark. Well done all! Obair iontach!

The students had fun visiting their local supermarket.

Ms Clifford’s first class visited the local Lidl supermarket in search of some yummy Irish produce. The teacher explained about the Bord Bia quality mark and the students kept their eyes peeled for the little Irish love heart. They couldn’t believe how many locally produced foods were in Lidl.

Upon their return, the students explained all about the task to their principal and vice principal. They were very impressed!

They learned how to identify if the food in their supermarket is Irish.

The teacher shared their pictures on the school Facebook page so all of the moms and dads could see the cool work they are doing. Their grow pack recently arrived to the school and they can’t wait to plant their seeds!