Ireland’s largest farm film plastic recycler, ADN Materials, has been sold to the Scottish recycling firm Enva for an undisclosed sum. ADN is based in Carrickmacross, Co Monaghan, and processes contaminated farm film plastics.

The plastic is recycled into light density polyethylene pellets to be reused in the manufacturing of plastic wrapping and exterior furniture.

Headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, Enva is a major recycling company already operating in Ireland.

Liam Moloney, CEO of the Irish Farm Films Producer’ Group (IFFPG), said the group supports the ongoing development of farm plastic recycling on the island of Ireland.

“To date, this material has been largely exported, which is riskier, plus the local agricultural sector has been missing out on the sustainability and decarbonisation opportunities from a closed loop solution,” he said.


According to the IFFPG, some 37,000t of farm plastics were recycled during 2021. That represents a record farm plastic recycling rate of 90%, which is the equivalent of 18m silage bales worth of plastic.