Weather forecast

Friday will start bright for most places with just a few well-scattered showers. However, it will turn for the worse as we progress through the day according to Met Éireann.

Cloud will increase from around midday and with that cloud will come rain from the southwest in the afternoon and evening.

Temperatures will range from 9°C to 12°C.

The rain on Friday night will become quite heavy and more persistent but it will clear to the southeast as we progress into Saturday morning.

We’ll have more on the weekend weather later today.

In the news

  • According to a new hard-hitting report carried out by the ICSA, half of crimes against farmers are never reported.
  • Analysis by the Irish Farmers Journal reveals that a very large volume of steers being presented for slaughter are grading O- or less with the factories concerned about the plain quality of cattle.
  • The west’s awake. Aurivo came out top of the pile in the latest milk league paying its suppliers more than any other co-op.
  • Fears that farmers in the west and northwest will run out of fodder before the cattle leave the shed next year is growing. We talk to more farmers in a difficult scenario.
  • And finally, is it a Zebo or a Zebu? We take a look at some of the more unusual cattle breeds registered in Ireland this year.
  • Coming up on

  • We have what your weekend weather will look like.
  • The Minister for Agriculture and Mick Wallace TD are unlikely to be exchanging Christmas cards after a Dáil exchange.
  • Farmers along the border are fearing a surge in cattle rustling again. We speak to some farmers.
  • Could farmers in Northern Ireland be hit with an MOT-style test for their tractor?
  • What’s on today

  • Just one event on the calendar today but it is an important one. The Ceres network of women in agriculture inaugural conference is on in the Convention Centre in Dublin from 9.30am to 1pm. The Irish Farmers Journal will be reporting live throughout the day from there.
  • To find out more about events near you, visit our agri-events calendar.