A number of Irish farmers have made enquiries about East Nethershields, a 252.47ac dairy farm in England being marketed in the UK and Ireland, according to the estate agents handling it, Davidson Robertson.

The farm, at Strathaven, Lanarkshire, has capacity to milk 300 cows. It lies in two blocks. The larger, of just over 140ac, has a four-bed house and farmyard. The second is 106ac of grazing land, 3.2km away.

The larger block has 13 divisions, all accessed from the public road or by internal farm tracks. Some drainage work was recently completed.

The second block has eight divisions with roadside access. It is predominantly used for summer grazing of cattle and winter grazing of sheep. Silage fields are managed for three cuts.

There is capacity to milk 300 cows.

Yard facilities include a Westphalia milking parlour with automatic cluster removers, auto ID, auto wash and an 8,200l bulk tank.

There is a slatted collecting pen, 200 cubicles which are part slatted, part scrapped and a concrete panel bunker for feed.

The yard also has a new steel portal frame shed which is under construction and will include 97 cubicles, a feed passage and auto scrapers to the slatted tank.

The 140ac block with house and farmyard is guided at £975,000.

The house has been renovated internally.

The guide price for the entire is £1.35m (€1.57m). Alternately, the 140ac block with house and farmyard is guided at £975,000 (€1.13m) and the 106ac block is guided at £375,000 (€436,357).