The Irish Whiskey Association has proposed amendments to the technical file of Irish whiskey, which governs the production process of the different products.

The association has said that the changes aim to promote sustainability and “better reflect tradition”.

Among the amendments suggested is to allow up to 30% of other cereals to be used in the production of Pot Still Irish Whiskey. This would mean that wheat, oats and rye could be used in its production.

At present, the technical file states that, if required, a maximum of 5% other unmalted cereals such as oats and rye can be used.

The association also wants to see the 30% maximum malted barley requirement removed from the Grain Irish Whiskey definition.

The amendments are largely seen as positive by farm organisations as it would open up a market for other cereals.

The proposals were made to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.