Following the trend of higher horsepower and increased output, John Deere has introduced its contenders in the 100t/hr division to rival the likes of the most recent Claas, Agco and New Holland twin-rotor offerings.

The new X9 series was revealed at Agritechnica last year, but no information surrounding specification was disclosed until now. The two models launched, the X9 1000 and X9 1100, are the firm’s first twin-rotor offerings in over 25 years and boast some impressive specifications.

Outer dimensions remain similar to the current S790, but inside is where the major changes are. The X9 sees the largest active threshing and separation area the firm has ever offered. Separation and cleaning in both new machines are identical.

The X9 features what is claimed to be the market’s widest feeder house coupled with the new dual rotary separator and 7m2 Dyna-Flo XL cleaning shoe which is claimed to be larger than anything to come before it. With 36% more cleaning area, the new fan system delivers 45% more cleaning capacity than the existing S-Series.

Deere believes these developments are key to achieving 100t/hr. The 3.51m Dual Separator (XDS) rotors have taken the proven modular concept from the S-Series, with dedicated areas for threshing and separating.

The X9 1000 has a grain tank capacity of 14,800l and the flagship X9 1100 up to 16,200l, with unloading rates of up to 186l/second. A number of auger length options are available, with the option of an adjustable spout.

Both X9 models are fitted with John Deere’s PowerTech 13.6l six-cylinder engine with max power outputs of 639hp and 700hp respectively. Both machines are fitted with a 1,250l fuel tank which the firm says will last up to 14 hours in the field before filling in under 2.5 minutes thanks to the Fast Fuel System.

The company says that through developments in crop handling, transmissions, cleaning systems and its new Xcel straw chopper knives, the harvesting power requirement has dropped by 120hp.

The new ProDrive XL transmission features 30% more torque over existing ProDrive units. Machines are capable of 40km/h on the road, with engine speed management to 1,700rpm.

The addition of double pump technology means that the two pumps are engaged upon take-off, ensuring maximum torque. Once speed increases and torque decreases, the output of the second pump is reduced. Both wheeled and track options are available. As well as a more modern exterior styling, the X9 features a new cab offered in three specification levels – Select, Premium and Ultimate. LED lighting is fitted as standard.

The X9 offers a full suite of on-board tech and, dependent on the packages chosen, it can be equipped with AutoMaintain, Active Terrain Adjustment and Active Yield. JDLink is available free of charge for two years on both models.

A new lineup of headers has also been launched, compatible with existing S-Series, T-Series and W-Series machines as well as the new X-Series.