Silage 2023: last chance to enter our reader photo competition
Alice Hodges
The Irish Farmers Journal has teamed up with Gouldings in the hunt for the best photograph of silage 2023. The winner will receive 2t of Gouldings Sweetgrass fertiliser.
14 April 2023 News
Arable April: reader photo competition under way
Two weeks into #ArableApril and we've loved seeing what you've been up to all around the country.
9 March 2023 News
Snow photos: share your farm photos in snowy weather
While cold snowy weather normally means extra work for farmers to make sure livestock are warm and fed, and pipes stay un-frozen. It does have a silver-lining - it makes for some beautiful pictures!
Reader photos: share your photos and videos of grazing 2023
We want to see your photos and videos of cows returning to grass for the 2023 grazing season. Click below to send us yours!
13 February 2023 News
Farming YouTubers from around the world
There is a video on YouTube for just about every niche and farming is no exception. Since 2019, monthly uploads of farming-related videos to YouTube have increased by 61%.
2 January 2023 News
Insta-stars: farming Instagram accounts to follow
Farming can often become a lonely job - it's long hours of hard work regardless of the weather, spent potentially alone.
27 December 2022 News
Farming posts that got you talking the most in 2022
As another year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the news stories that got us all talking over the past 12 months.
25 December 2022 News