Farm Programmes
BETTER farm: revisiting table-topper Sean
Ciarán Lenehan
This week’s BETTER farm paper piece will feature Sean Hayes from Co Clare.
23 May 2018 BETTER Farm
Grass+: test grass crops if in doubt
Grass growth hit 78kg DM/ha/day on our drystock measuring farms this week.
22 May 2018 BETTER Farm
BETTER farm: touring two Laois beef operations
The BETTER beef group gathered for a meeting on Harry Lalor’s farm and toured Robin Talbot's unit in Laois last week.
Stock bull risk and bulls by beet
Ciarán Lenehan paid Martin Downes a visit to talk winter feed 2018, fattening bulls and breeding.
16 May 2018 BETTER Farm
Take back control in coming weeks
Grass growth ran at 68kg DM/ha/day for the past seven days on our measuring farms.
16 May 2018 BETTER Farm
Life’s easier with Tom’s tech
Ciarán Lenehan visited Carlow BETTER farmer Tom Bolger, who has embraced technology to improve bottom line and reduce labour.
9 May 2018 BETTER Farm
Indoor bulls put down more fat
Farmers Journal looks at research into the affects of exercise in young bulls.
9 May 2018 Scotland
Welcome to Cattleland - Canada
Ciarán Lenehan spent time in Alberta, the beef heartland of Canada, last year and paid a visit to a large scale cattle feeding operation
9 May 2018 Scotland
BETTER farm: Tom talks calving and breeding
Tom Bolger represents Carlow in the BETTER farm beef programme and talked to Ciarán Lenehan about calving and breeding 2018.
8 May 2018 BETTER Farm
Long read: inside Russia's Miratorg, where world beef domination is on the menu
Ciarán Lenehan gets a tour of the Miratorg beef operation in Russia, a 200,000-cow fully integrated beef operation with big ambitions.
6 May 2018 Markets
How are you fixed for the first cut of silage?
Ciarán Lenehan and Adam Woods asked farmers around the country what their plans are for first-cut silage and what they're doing to rebuild stocks.
Change of mindset now needed
Grass growth hit 60kg DM/ha/day this week, on average, writes Ciarán Lenehan.
2 May 2018 BETTER Farm