Farm women at the centre of the industry and the paper
Mairead Lavery
The evolution of Irish Country Living has been the work of many hands, writes Mairead Lavery.
8 December 2021 Gardening
The Garden Diary with Mairead: facing a new year
As the gardening year comes to a close it’s time to assess what worked and didn’t and plan ahead for next year writes Mairead Lavery.
10 November 2021 Gardening
ICL Podcast: the Garden Diaries with Mairead Lavery
As winter comes upon us now is the time to protect tender plants and look forward to the arrival of the first spring bulbs writes Mairead Lavery.
The Garden Diaries with Mairead Lavery: autumn sets in
It might be October but there’s still plenty of life and colour in the garden, writes Mairead Lavery.
13 October 2021 Gardening
The Garden Diaries with Mairead: giving into temptation
When the gorgeous weather beckoned, Mairead Lavery abandoned her garden for the beaches of Ballybunion and she’s not feeling one bit guilty for doing so.
15 September 2021 Gardening
Blooming beautiful
It was a case of family tradition and personal passion coming together that started Julie Power growing wild flowers and establishing Blooming Native to sell their seed, writes Mairead Lavery.
19 May 2021 Gardening
On the wild side
Fed up of all the mowing, edging and weeding that your lawn demands, then why not abandon it and sow a wildflower meadow instead, writes Mairead Lavery.
10 March 2021 Gardening
Mairead's Garden Diaries: a new visitor to the garden
There’s a definite stretch in the evenings and the birds are singing, can spring be far behind writes Mairead Lavery
27 January 2021 Gardening
'Two out of Three ain’t Bad'
Yes, the days are getting longer and there’s plenty of jobs to be getting on with in the garden writes Mairead Lavery
30 December 2020 Gardening
The sweet taste of success
Seven years ago Marita Collier set herself the challenge of finding a vegetable she could turn into a viable family farm business writes Mairead Lavery.
2 December 2020 Features
Pumpkin patch fun and games
We know about Christmas and Easter themed events that offer a day out for the family. So why isn’t it the same for Halloween asked Caroline Whelan, who promptly filled the gap writes Mairead Lavery.
25 November 2020 Features
For the love of snails
If passion and determination are critical elements to business success then the future of ‘Gaelic Escargot’ looks bright writes Mairead Lavery.
25 November 2020 Features