Money Mentor offers some reader advice
Peter Young
In this week’s Money Mentor, an experienced forester gives his advice in relation to a recent reader query.
6 December 2017 Features
A new incentive for succession planning
This week, Peter Young tackles all your questions about Succession Farm Partnerships with Teagasc's Thomas Curran.
22 November 2017 Money Mentor
Money Mentor: Managing expectations and assumptions
There were valuable lessons to be learned about expectations – and assumptions – at the recent succession planning workshops, writes Peter Young.
Communication and cashflow are key to avoiding financial stress
This week, Money Mentor Peter Young has received a letter from a farmer who explains how he has managed financial pressure in recent years
15 November 2017 Features
Moulding the business for 30 years
Peter Young meets John Concannon, the founder and manging director of JFC who says it has been more about people and innovation than plastics.
8 November 2017 Companies
Mind your pension
Farmers that paid K-class PRSI contributions are at a pension disadvantage, writes Peter Young
8 November 2017 Money Mentor
Money Mentor: Don’t limit your options
Money Mentor Peter Young looks at getting the move right when it comes to forming a limited company.
25 October 2017 Money Mentor
Pension questions
This week, Money Mentor Peter Young looks at how to make sure you get your state pension.
18 October 2017 Money Mentor
Money trees?
Money Mentor Peter Young re-visits the case of “Angela”, who is torn over whether to accept an offer from a forestry company to plant her 40-acres.
11 October 2017 Money Mentor
When it comes to succession planning, what’s in a name?
Peter Young continues the series on succession planning by talking to Clare O’Keeffe on a situation where the family name was the main reason behind an unusual. succession plan
4 October 2017 Features
A prodigal son returns
Clare O’Keeffe of Succession Ireland talks to Peter Young about another common situation she comes across when succession planning is not followed through.
27 September 2017 Money Mentor
Tractor safe lock wins People's Choice award
Tractor safe lock invented by Jack Nagle, a 15-year-old entrepreneur from Kerry, carried away the People's Choice award at the Innovation Arena at the Ploughing Championships.
27 September 2017 News