While some counties saw a big fall in the supply of farmland coming on to the market in 2020, that was not the case in Kerry. The number of farms and total area of land put up for sale was within shouting distance of 2019.

Sellers were well rewarded for going to the market because prices jumped.

Average price was €10,575/ac, up by €2,969/ac from €7,606/ac of the year before.

The other key figures are as follows.

The number of farms put on the market was 28, compared to 30 the year before. The total area offered was 1,257ac, compared to 1,353ac.

Half were under 40ac in size, half were over. Twelve properties, again almost half, were residential and the other stronger half non-residential.

Thirteen holdings sold; the other 15 remain up for sale or in a few cases have been withdrawn.

Kerry landowners clearly like to keep their business affairs private. Only one of the farms on our database was offered by auction, one other by tender while the overwhelming majority were offered for sale by private treaty.

The range in prices for the land that sold was from €2,083/ac to €20,000/ac.

The total value of the farmland sold was €4.46m.

There was significant change in the buyers of farmland in the county. In 2019, dairy farmers bought 45% of the holdings that came on the market.

However, in 2020 they bought 20%. Farmers in the beef category, that is suckler farmers and finishers, bought 40%of the farms that were sold.

The business category accounted for just 10% of sales, which is relatively low compared to other counties.

The one Kerry farm that was offered by auction was 10.87ac at Clarina.

The ground had frontage on to two public roads. However, it didn’t sell.

Vital statistics

  • *Average: €10,575/ac
  • Acres offered: 1,256.8
  • Total number of farms: 28
  • Price range: €2,083/ac - €20,000/ac
  • Most active buyers: Beef
  • Weighted average: €9,096/ac
  • *Based on 13 transactions