A Toyota Landcruiser has been stolen from a yard in Kilnaboy in north Co Clare.

The owner, Brendan Collins, said the jeep was taken from beside his house on Sunday night.

The dairy farmer described the jeep as a black 2006 long wheel-based Landcruiser.

"It was parked outside the house. We went to bed that night at about half 10 and when we woke up this morning, the gate was wide open and jeep was missing," he said.

He added that there was no key in the jeep, so whoever took the vehicle went to a bit of effort to start it.

"I know it's an older jeep, but they must have had someone who was able to do their job when they could start it."


Collins said that a robbery had taken place at a shop in Kilmaley the same night, which is about a half an hour away from Kilnaboy, and the shopkeeper told him that a jeep matching his description was spotted on their CCTV cameras.

"The man that owns the shop got on to me, he saw the post on Facebook," he said.

Collins said that the yard is very well lit up, so they must have been "fairly brazen".

"They must have had it well organised and the place sussed out.

"I park the jeep there every night, but you'd have the house passed off before you'd see it, so there must be someone giving these people local information," he said.

Collins said that there has to be someone spotting for them [robbers] and said that he is very suspicious about it.