The Irish Farmers Journal is the only Irish newspaper I buy because of its factual and non-political journalism. I am surprised you have changed that policy by the publication of Damien O’Reilly’s one-sided criticism of US President, Donald Trump who was elected democratically four years ago. The subsequent refusal of many to accept the result and the relentless witch hunt that followed was the disgrace to the democratic process. I think he woke up Americans as to where previous policies were leading its people. He stood up to China, a totalitarian state where anyone stepping out of line is imprisoned. He stopped the Iranian interference in many Middle Eastern countries. In that time, very few US troops were killed in combat. He improved the economy and increased employment. You did not mention any of these achievements – selective journalism Mr O’Reilly? A four-year presidency is a tight space in which to turn things around. I did admire Mr Trump’s willingness to have people accountable and not be a slave to political correctness. Everybody wishes the new president well. However, it’s way too early to make judgement on how he will perform during his term in office.