DEAR SIR: I see from recent comments made by Pat McCormack, president of ICMSA, that he feels a lot of foot dragging and objections to dairy beef being included in Ireland’s PGI application are being used to stall the process.

I can see no objection to Bord Bia, ICMSA and the processors making their PGI application for dairy beef, based on the current criteria. The current application should be based on dairy beef only and let the dairy industry promote this product on its merits, the Hereford and Angus brands, grass-fed and so on. The dairy industry has expanded rapidly over the past seven years. It has been very successful and has got a lot of support from the Government which has been the right thing to do since the abolition of quotas, as Ireland has an advantage in dairy production. However, we must realise that dairying is not for all farmers and our suckler industry must also be nurtured and cared for as well. It has come in for a lot of negative publicity on climate change etc and wrongly so.