Calving time or harvest time? “Calving time. I’m not going to lie – I just love it. I’m not from a farm but I am surrounded by them here in Macroom. There is nothing else like it – it’s spring time, the days are getting longer, it is a lovely time of year.”

Morning lark or a night owl? “Night owl. After going all day and then doing training in the evening, it is hard to switch off. If I have a late training session, my body is so awake and I am definitely more alert at night. Our training starts at seven and we finish at nine. For the Cork seniors we travel all over the county for training. Mostly, I drive and I am usually home by about 10. Then it all depends on how training went. If it hadn’t been that great, it is hard not to look back and analyse everything: what could have been done differently? But that helps then for the future too. To be honest with you, I do sit down a lot when I get home and just chill out with my phone.”

/Dan Sheridan Inpho

Long summer evenings or cosy winter nights? “Cosy winter nights. It’s hard to beat a good hot chocolate and warm PJs.”

Beef or salmon? “Beef. I prefer beef to fish. I’m not the best chef to be honest. I love a steak – it’s good for protein. I’d go for medium-rare with mash and pepper sauce. If there are a few veg going I’d take them too!”

/Dan Sheridan Inpho

D’telly or box-set binges? “D’telly, there is more variety. Do you know what I love watching recently? Myself and the girls in the house at college love watching First Dates Ireland. We all sit down and watch that. I watch The Sunday Game with my father back home.”

Going for a swim or heading for a spin? “I actually can’t swim so I’ll go for a spin. We have loads of lovely drives here in west Cork. Driving up to Kinsale is fab; getting to see all the boats down at the pier is nice to see. I do love Ballycotton in east Cork too; there is something lovely about the harbour there.”

/Dan Sheridan Inpho

LGFA or AFL? “This is a tough one now. It’s very hard, I do love playing AFL… I think I’ll stick with the LGFA. I grew up loving it and it was always my dream to play for Cork and I am thrilled to be doing that now. Playing in Melbourne, I had the best time I’m really grateful for the opportunity and I can’t wait to go back over.”

Cork footballer Erika O’Shea is part of the team to launch SuperValu’s sponsorship of this year’s GAA All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and the third year of their #CommunityIncludesEveryone campaign.

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