O’Leary was speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal shortly after it was announced that IFA president Eddie Downey would be stepping back from his role to allow Lucey to do his work. Lucey’s review of the IFA is expected to be completed “within weeks”.

“If [Con] is going to give a report within weeks, I’d expect to see him around the place tomorrow [Tuesday],” O’Leary said.

“I intend to meet him then and we will sit down and go through what we need to go through and we will get it right. This is my intention and it is my commitment. This is the commitment of the board that we will get it right,” O’Leary added.

O’Leary also confirmed that it was Downey’s own decision to step back as IFA president and there was no outside pressure involved.

“It was Eddie’s decision. It was Eddie’s decision to step back … what he is doing is in the best interests of the organisation. We will get this right and I won’t be rushed in that work but I am conscious that we have a time to do this in,” O’Leary concluded.

For more with Tim O’Leary regarding Con Lucey’s initial resignation and his plan for the future, see this week’s Irish Farmers Journal and www.farmersjournal.ie