Atkins Farm Machinery exhibited McHale’s latest side mounted plain mower offering. The Pro Glide R310 non-conditioner mower is fitted with a 3m cutter bar which provides a total cutting width of 3.1m.

The Pro Glide R310 utilises the same 3D Ground Tracking Technology for flotation as McHale’s conditioner mowers. This allows the mower to move independent of the tractor while the cutter bar moves back and up if it collides with an obstacle.

The 12° forward-back movement of the mower allows precision flotation of the cutter bar, while the 17° left-right movement means the cutter bar smoothly glides over humps and hollows.

McHale says the flotation is achieved using a large compensating spring to provide this ground following. A mechanical break back is fitted for when unmovable objects are encountered.

A heavy duty right angle gearbox eliminates the need for belts and provides the mower bed with a direct drive to avoid slippage. Each disc is driven via heavy duty 25mm spur gears. Quick-change blades are fitted as standard.