Based in the UK, Kelvin Cave Ltd specialise in feed preservation additives and equipment. The firm imports and distributes the Murska and Korte ranges of grain-processing equipment.

Kelvin Cave Ltd recently introduced the Murska 4000 roller mill to its range. The Finnish-built machine joins an existing line-up of rollers and crimpers catering for all sizes of operators. However, the 4000 model is aimed for the larger-scale operators requiring large hourly outputs.

Carrying out the rolling/crimping process are four pairs of 1m-long hardened rollers. The modular machine built on a tandem-axle setup weighs in at 8.5t. According to Murska, the 4000 model is capable of rolling 100t/hr of dry or high moisture maize or 80t/h crimping high-moisture cereals.

Other specs of the machine include a hopper volume of 3.3t, an over length of 7.4m. The width is 2.5m with an unloading elevator capable of unloading at heights of 3.7m. The Murska has quite a high-power requirement which is believed to be in the region of 270hp.

A number of optional extras can are available, these include addictive applicators which treat grains during the process.