M & A Engineering, the Monaghan company responsible for inventing the Pushover silage feeder, is closing down after 27 years in business.

The company was originally created by farmer Michael McMahon and metalwork teacher Tony McAree in 1993.

The Pushover machine was invented as a solution to a problem McMahon had when he developed arthritis and found it difficult to grape silage to his livestock.

According to the engineering company, the machine proved popular and hundreds of Pushovers were manufactured and sold in all counties throughout Ireland.

All the machines are operational, even after over 20 years, and the resale value is near its original selling price.

“We wanted to make a machine that works and gives value for money and the Pushover definitely does that,” said McAree.

McMahon added: “It gave us great satisfaction to make a machine that operates so well and it was very enjoyable meeting people the length and breadth of Ireland. It’s the end of an era.”

There are a few Pushovers currently left in stock. However, some are already set aside as a second purchase.

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