Subsidies accounted for 70% of agricultural income for farmers in the west and midlands. In comparison, subsidies accounted for just under 50% of income for all farmers in Ireland according to latest figures from the CSO.

The southern region had the lowest dependence on subsidies, with just 38% of incomes coming from subsides. Farmers in border counties relied on subsidies for 58% of income and this fell to 42% for farmers in the east.

Western and border counties were home to 43% of farms in Ireland with a further 40% of farms in the southern region.


In terms of output, 55% of all goods produced by Irish agriculture came from eight counties in the southern region. These counties also accounted for 72% of the total milk output and incurred over half of all expenses on items of intermediate consumption. These items include feed, fertiliser, forage and work completed by contractors.

Elsewhere in the country, over 50% of the sheep production came from the border and western regions. The east and midlands accounted for 48% of cereal output and 57% of potato production.

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