I can hardly believe we’re at the end of another year. Time flies by so fast, yet some days are never ending. I said this recently to my aunt and she replied with: “It’s not just the days go by fast, it’s that your life goes by so fast a stór.” And that struck me. Life after all, is just a series of days, a series of moments, many of which we judge, many of which we rush through, many of which we do not fully inhabit. Many new moments are tarnished by the aftertaste of previous moments. So my suggestion this month is to make each new moment of our lives as free from the past as they can possibly be. Allow yourself to be with the uniqueness of each new moment, it really is staggeringly beautiful.

Let’s focus on forgiveness this month as it’s fitting at the end of the year that we allow those experiences best left behind, to be left behind, as we enter a new year.