Some feed mills that did not apply an increase in June, look set to add £10 to £15/t to ration prices for July, while others that did raise prices last month, are now leaving ration prices unchanged.

It means dairy rations will remain around £400/t and over, depending on protein content, with pelleted nuts potentially costing £10 to £20/t more than blended feeds.

Beef finishing rations sit around the £360 to £370/t mark with growing rations £350 to £360/t.

Lamb finisher rations are priced at similar levels, from £360 to £390/t.

Grain prices easing

Grain markets have moved down significantly inside the past week as markets react to an easing in supply concerns with the US and EU wheat harvests under way.

There is also some hope of shipping corridors opening in the Black Sea, as Turkish diplomats engage with Russian officials about establishing safe routes. This would potentially deliver 30 to 35mt of Russian and Ukrainian grain to global grain markets.

Spot prices

With spot prices for imported barley falling by £50/t to £315/t midweek, allowing for transport and handling costs, this would put rolled barley on farm at around £340/t.

Maize meal is still coming in cheaper than barley, with price quotes around £335/t, down £30/t from early June.

Soya is relatively steady at £470 to £480/t with distillers down £10/t to £350/t when delivered on farm.

Sugar beet pulp is expensive at £375 to £380/t, with soya hulls moving around £315 to £320/t.

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