Feed mills across NI look set to leave prices for livestock rations unchanged going into September, and all signs point to a steady trade into the autumn.

With no change, general purpose cattle rations at 15% to 16% protein continue to cost between £310 and £330/t, with pelleted feeds trading at the upper end of this price range.

Beef finishing rations are trading between £310/t and £320/t on high-spec products with a 50% maize content, although simple cereal-based blends can be purchased as low as £280/t for bulk delivery.

With protein straights still relatively expensive, dairy rations are trading between £330/t to £350/t, depending on the protein content and the option of blended or pelleted feed.

Lamb finisher rations are trading at prices similar to dairy blends, although reports suggest that sales are limited.


With feed merchants currently locking in to forward-pricing contracts for the winter period, general indications point to rations prices holding relatively steady going into the final quarter of the year. However, grain markets remain volatile and spot markets have seen certain products rising in value this week.

Spot prices for imported dried barley are in the region of £200/t.

Allowing for transport and handling, barley is likely to cost around £230/t on-farm.

Maize is trading above £260/t on farm, while spot prices for soya jumped by £18 this week and new stocks are costing close to £470/t on-farm.

Soya hulls will cost just over £230/t and are expected to increase, while distillers are costing around £270/t to £280/t on-farm for early September.

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