Northern Ireland
Buying stores to graze: Do the costs stack?
Kieran Mailey
Where farmers are planning to purchase store cattle to graze and finish, doing up a budget before buying is advised. Kieran Mailey reports.
13 March 2024 Northern Ireland
New NI chief vet to review TB policy
NI chief vet Brian Dooher is to review DAERA’s bovine TB policy, Agriculture Minister Andrew Muir has said.
13 March 2024 Northern Ireland
Beef prices fall short of finishing costs
Beef prices are running below finishing costs, putting farmers into loss making territory this spring
Dairy beef sector to be examined in detail in national farm survey
The move is to monitor the dairy beef sector's annual financial and technical situation.
8 March 2024 News
Teagasc to run 98ac organic beef finishing farm in Wexford
Teagasc has said both early and late maturing beef breeds will be included in the trials.
29 February 2024 News
IFA calls for phasing out of stars ahead of ICBF stakeholder meeting
IFA president Francie Gorman said the ICBF stakeholder forum has to address the genuine concerns that suckler farmers and pedigree breeders have with the recently published indices.
31 January 2024 News
Solid start to calf trade in Bandon as continentals make up to €585
The calf trade in Bandon has got off to a solid start in 2024 and it appears there is a change of guard in terms of what breed of calf is making up the bulk of the sale compared with other years.
22 January 2024 Markets
Important caveat to NI beef payment
The beef carbon reduction scheme will inevitably result in a partial redistribution of farm payments.
3 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Farm Buildings 2023: Our top five farm buildings features
We’ve had some fantastic features on farm buildings throughout 2023, with some of our most popular ones listed below.
29 December 2023 Buildings
Gradual roll-out of new beef scheme in NI
The beef carbon reduction scheme is due to begin at the start of January 2024
13 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Farmer Writes: new challenges ahead
As this year's cattle near finishing, attention turns to what to graze next year, writes farmer James Strain.
4 December 2023 Farmer Writes
Farm incomes to recover in 2024 after sharp falls in 2023
The average farm income in 2023 is estimated to be down 44% to just under €24,800, but the decrease is almost entirely driven by the drop in income experienced in the dairy and tillage sectors.
28 November 2023 News