Farmer Writes: four failed attempts at turnout
Joe Collingborn
I’m always happier to talk about things that are going wrong rather than things that are going right (as that will tempt fate), writes English dairy farmer Joe Collingborn.
5 March 2024 News
Origin Enterprise sees profits fall as challenging weather hits planting
The correction in global feed and fertiliser prices saw revenues plunge in the period.
28 February 2024 Northern Ireland
No change in ration prices for March
There is little appetite to reduce prices on livestock rations going into March.
The fall and rise of the Irish pig sector
Over the last three years, the Irish pig sector has experienced the full gamut of global shocks, ranging from weather events to the outbreak of war, writes Michael McKeon, Teagasc Moorepark.
25 February 2024 Pigs
Lower grain prices slow to impact feed trade
Prices for grain and proteins used in animal feed are falling in value, but will not impact ration prices until late spring.
7 February 2024 Northern Ireland
How much protein should there be in dairy rations?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at what is an appropriate level of crude protein in dairy rations in springtime.
29 January 2024 Management
CAN price up, but demand remains low
There has been some movement on fertiliser prices this week, with CAN rising in value.
24 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Remarkable resilience in poultry sector
Adam Woods previews what's inside this week’s special poultry focus.
16 December 2023 Poultry
Positive outlook for poultry markets in 2024
Peter Duggan, Bord Bia poultry markets specialist takes a look at global poultry market and what the outlook for 2024 is like.
13 December 2023 Poultry
Soya downturn eases fears of ration price hike
A downturn in spot prices for soya has helped to alleviate that feed mills would increase ration costs for January.
13 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Fertiliser prices to fall by 35% in 2024
There is a very slight decrease in feed price expected next year also, according to Teagasc.
29 November 2023 News
November price freeze on livestock rations
Price quotes on livestock rations will see no changes being applied for November
1 November 2023 Northern Ireland