Arrabawn goes solar

Arrabawn Co-op has been given the green light by Tipperary County Council to build a 16-acre solar farm at their base in Knockanpierce, Nenagh. The development will see 10,000 panels erected on a site to the south of the creamery and will result in a 15% reduction in energy costs for the co-op.

Splitting the gas network

Gas Networks Ireland has announced plans to split the existing network, establishing a larger national hydrogen network and a smaller regional biomethane network by 2045. The semi-state estimates that by 2045, there will be no natural gas on the network and gas supply will instead be made up of 70% hydrogen and 30% biomethane, supplied by wind farms and AD plants.

€67m Kildare solar farm

Cadamstown Solar Limited has applied for permission to build a 197-acre solar farm in the townlands of Mulgeeth and Mucklon, north Kildare. The solar farm, which will cost around €67.2m to build, will produce around 56MWh of electricity and involves three landowners. As part of the development, 1,289m of new native hedgerow will be established on the site.

Circle K-EDF deal

Circle K has agreed to buy electricity from three solar farms in Wexford and Kilkenny for the next 12 years. The deal with EDF Renewables Ireland will see around 7,570 tonnes of CO2 saved annually across their 168 sites. The electricity will also be used to power Circle K’s electric vehicle charging network around the country.