Castle Agri also launched the spreader in the UK earlier this year, also at Grass and Muck. At present there are eight operating in the UK, and these machines have generated a lot of interest, according to Dermot.

He also claims that operators of the machines are very happy with their performance, mainly because of their very wide even spread up to 18m, which results in less tracks and compaction in the field.

There is also less contamination of the grass which gives faster regrowth and faster grazing. There are less odour and emissions from the slurry due to the big droplet size.

There are also 70% less blockages because of the diameter of the exit hole. The spreaders are much faster at spreading the slurry, 30% to 60% faster, than a splash plate, depending on the model size, according to Dermot.

Dermot can take payment online and can guarantee a fast delivery, within two working days. He also works on a 14-day money back guarantee.

Stand No 252, Row 17, Block 1.(Close to Entrances 1 and 2).

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