Swiss fixed-wing drone manufacturer SenseFly has launched a new agricultural drone, the eBee Ag series.

SenseFly is a well-established player in the drone industry, providing fixed-wing mapping drone solutions for various industries, including construction and civil engineering.

eBee Ag is equipped with a new, lightweight Duet M dual-sensor, which is comprised of an RGB and Sequoia, plus multispectral cameras.

With its dual-purpose camera, eBee Ag captures RGB and multispectral data, which, when analysed, can assess crop health, help to optimise inputs and catch early indicators of pests, diseases and weed infestations that threaten crop yields early.

eBee Ag drone

This information, when used correctly, allows for better field planning, plant health and crop monitoring.


The eBee Ag drone comes with three battery options. The drone is designed for repeated crop mapping missions and comes equipped with a standard battery capable of up to 45 minutes of flight.

An endurance battery increases flight times up to 55 minutes - allowing the drone to cover more than 395ac in a single flight.

The endurance battery extension option allows a flight time of up to 90 minutes and single-flight coverage of up to 1,236ac at 122m.


eBee Ag also has Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) functionality for greater mapping precision. With its available RTK, eBee Ag can achieve accuracy down to 2.5cm (1in) with RGB.

This position data can then integrate into existing GPS-enabled machinery or farm management systems.

Highly-accurate index maps allow farmers to understand each acre in their field better.

No price for the system has been released yet.