Co-ops using sustainability schemes to control farmer data and margins - ICMSA
Barry Murphy
The ICMSA has highlighted that some dairy farmers are being locked into anti-competitive input pricing and are having their data harvested under co-op sustainability schemes.
18 January 2023 Management
When the life partner becomes the business partner
Aidan Brennan reports from the Positive Farmers conference where the challenges of being a couple and running a farm was discussed.
13 January 2023 News
Farm input costs up by one third in year to November
The CSO has released figures showing input costs outpacing farmgate prices in the year leading up to November 2022.
High fertiliser costs pose risks to food availability – EU
The European Commission has published a report on the biggest factors affecting food security in the EU.
11 January 2023 News
How much will it cost to keep a suckler cow in 2023?
Higher input prices are affecting all farmers. But on beef farms, how much will it cost to keep a suckler cow in 2023? Kieran Mailey reports.
11 January 2023 Northern Ireland
War in Ukraine and the price of food
While this is a war of aggression by Russia, the aggression was driven, at least in part, by fear - John Bruton.
11 January 2023 Viewpoints
Red diesel prices ease to 90p/l
Prices quotes for red diesel in Northern Ireland have eased in the last week
4 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Tillage Management: the changing of the guard
Following 33 years covering tillage matters and advice in the Farmers Journal it is now time to step away and pass on the baton to Siobhán Walsh.
28 December 2022 Husbandry
Input costs to continue ravaging farm incomes in 2023
Teagasc has published its 2023 Outlook for the farm sector with a mixed bag on the way for dairy, beef, sheep and tillage incomes.
14 December 2022 News
Agriculture is always a battle against nature
Sometimes we never stop to think about the obvious in that any form of agriculture is not natural, regardless of the farming system employed.
12 December 2022 Crops
Farmers spent over €1bn on fertiliser in 2022 - CSO
The CSO has published its latest end-of-year analysis on farm inputs, with price increases seen across the board.
10 December 2022 News
Red diesel quotes drop below 90p/l
In Northern Ireland, the latest quotes on red diesel continue to trend downwards.
7 December 2022 Northern Ireland